Chris Canas Band

Billy’s Presents: The Chris Canas Band

Chris Canas Band - Billys Tip n Inn - canasGenre: Blues, Funk, Soul

Band Members:
Chris Canas: Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Piano, Cornet, Sax, Drums
Angela Cottoningham: Vocals, Percussion, Drums
Chris Nordman: Piano, Organ, Vocals
Marc Anthony Guillor: Drummer


Record Label:

The Chris Canas Band can be seen blazing a trail in the Metro Detroit are. In 2007, they won their first Blues Competition when the competed in the West Michigan Blues Society’s Challenge. They also won the Kalamazoo Valley Blues Association Challenge in 2010, the Detroit Blues Society Challenge in 2012 & 2014. Chris “Soldier for the Blues” Canas has put together a who’s who of veteran musicians over the years and has learned many lessons the long hard way, to help keep blues alive and moving forward for all music lovers.

The band has a will blended set of classic covers and clever, roller coaster-like originals that keep the audience captivated and coming back for more. With their diverse mix of Blues, Funk, and Soul, they are always well-equipped to bring the party wherever they go.

With heart-wrenching vocals, pulse-pounding rhythms, and an electric energy that can be felt in the air, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to see CCB live and in the flesh. Do your soul a favor- feed it some hot Bluesberry Pie with a side order of fresh-cut funk, and a tall glass of Soul.

Catch The Chris Canas Band at Billy’s Tip ’n Inn

RESERVATIONS: Recommended for parties of 6 or more, before 8:00pm in the bar. Ensure your spot!

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Concert Dates:

Thursday, June 25 6 PM

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