6 Shot Whiskey

Billy’s Presents: 6 Shot Whiskey

6 Shot Whiskey - Billys Tip n Inn - 6shot1Genre: Country

Band Members:
Justin Rose: Lead Vocals
Ken Taylor (KT): Lead Guitar
Kurt Stuart: Bass
Ashley Rose: Keyboard
Chris Castro: Drums
Jason Salmers: Rhythm Guitar

Grand Blanc, MI

Record Label:

6 shot Whiskey is a full production country music wedding band based out of Grand Blanc, MI.  The 6 piece band is comprised of seasoned musicians of over 17 years’ experience of playing music together. While they are predominately a country band, they can even perform rock, pop and R&B.

Catch 6 Shot Whiskey at Billy’s Tip ’n Inn

RESERVATIONS: Recommended for parties of 6 or more, before 8:00pm in the bar. Ensure your spot!

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Concert Dates:

Friday, October 16 9 PM
Friday, Nov 13 9 PM
Thursday, Dec 31 9 PM

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Plan Eat-up, party-down, rock-on;
you can do it all here.
Visit Just 3 minutes from Alpine Valley, off M-59.
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Reservations Recommended for parties of 6 or more, Fri-Sat before 8:00pm in the bar.**